Life’s greatest masterpiece, now made eternal

- Article written by Rocell

Looking back across the centuries, art and design have changed vividly throughout different periods of time. Artists of all kind have created many a masterpiece in numerous styles and techniques. Inspired by the vivacity of life and the world itself, these maestros have been instrumental in making design the dynamic force that it is today.

However, despite the ever-changing characters of art and design the inspiration that motivates its conception remains relatively constant; the living world around us. Nature has been a central force throughout mankind and has inspired artists around the world through its dazzling textures, quality and colours. Mesmerised by the earth’s numerous wonders we found yet another phenomenon incomparable by design or functionality to any other; the human form. This fascination of the very epitome of life that is our own anatomy in its purest form has since been depicted in a great many ways.

From as early as the time of Ancient Egypt and the Greek Civilisation this enchantment of the human form has only grown more and more. From the Baroque Period through the Renaissance and Neo-classical Eras this mere preoccupation transformed into an in-depth study of the human anatomy and artists dove deeper into the finer details. Unfathomably detailed sculptures and paintings were thus produced, some so famous their legacy still lives on.

Now, in the Modern Era art forms have changed and people have begun incorporating their obsession of life’s greatest marvel into different fields of creativity. Sculptures and paintings have taken a step back to give architecture and interior design a front seat to expression. Artists, inspired by not just the appearance but the functionality of the human framework, have incorporated it more and more in their designs and innovations.

And here we are today. You, our forever muse, have inspired us to create a masterpiece that incorporates all the quality, design, functionality, longevity and more, of the human form.This quest has resulted in a bathware collection that’s far superior to the norm.

But seeing is truly believing. Just visit our nearest showroom today.