A home that heals

- Article written by - Ruwandi Perera from LMD

Invest in your home because it brings a sense of relaxation and peace.

Home is the one place you feel truly yourself; where you shed the layers that life lays on you and where you relax – completely. Waking up in your room is one of the most peaceful and reassuring feelings. And sitting down on your favourite chair to sip a good cup of tea can be the best start to your day. So it’s good to know how to make your abode a personal haven to uplift you mentally and spiritually.

Invest in quality bathware items and spend time decorating this personal space to make it your ultimate refuge.

LIGHT IT UP | Most people are sensitive to light; some like the darkness while others prefer to live in fully lit areas. Living in darkness for most of the day can make you prone to feeling sad. So embrace light and enjoy the sunshine.

COLOUR IT RIGHT | Colours are all around us, and they have a telling impact on our moods and feelings. Choose soft colours for your walls as they soothe your eyes and mind.

YOUR TILES MUST REFLECT YOUR LIFESTYLE | Psychologically speaking, a person’s home is an essential part of his or her self-definition; it’s a reflection of who we are. So choose tiles that make you feel alive – select calming and smooth designs for your living room to unwind, and perhaps a rustic look for your courtyard to help you feel more rooted. Go bold in your family room with vibrant designs to add a sense of cheer.

KEEP IT CLEAN | Maintaining a tidy home brings a sense of relaxation and peace. Clutter and disarray often lead to troubled minds – so keep your home neat and tidy

INVEST IN GOOD DESIGN | When building your home or redesigning it, choose a layout and design that provides you with ample space and avoids clutter – size doesn’t matter because it’s all about making your home an enjoyable place. Seek assistance from an experienced architect or browse the web for inspiration to get you started. Having large living rooms with good ventilation, spacious terraces, airy rooms and sizable bathrooms relaxes you and gives you the ability to think clearly sans boundaries.

INSTALL PRODUCTS OF HIGH QUALITY | Having quality products vis-à-vis furniture, kitchen items, bathware, tiles and even decor can do wonders when it comes to functionality, assuring you peace of mind when you come home. Keep it elegant – there is no need to spend millions because even the simplest design can be chic. Adopt a theme throughout the house so that furniture, spaces, tiles and every element complement each other.

MAKE YOUR BATHROOM YOUR PERSONAL OASIS |Your bathroom is the place you spend ‘me time’ – whether it’s rejuvenating yourself at the beginning of the day or unwinding before a good night’s sleep by soaking in a hot water bath in your Jacuzzi.