Today, Rocell is a fashion icon. Influencing lifestyle and infusing creative thinking; elevating mundane convention into expressions of individualism.

With two top-of-the-line tile production facilities, the brand is the quintessential interior market revolutionary, providing aesthetic masterpieces that work flawlessly. The technology, the standards and the artistic maturity that provide for every Rocell tile come from world leaders in their respective fields.

Locally 54 showrooms carry Rocell's assortment of designer tiles, while numerous dealerships across 4 continents showcase the products alongside international best brands.

An insatiable quest for perfection marks the company's path. Opening up the country's first, and one of Asia's most advance sanitary-ware manufacturing plants, Rocell Bathware is a fine illustration of this pursuit.

Igniting the design kaleidoscope longing within all of us, Rocell is a channel for distinctiveness, artistic fineness and a catalyst in the interior evolution that is shaping our landscape.