If novelty is at the core of the company's vision, technology is its axis.

Rocell's newly acquired, digital printing machine is in effect overhauling the ceramic industry, with its faculty to replicate life like patterns and images on tile. Its consistency, randomness and ingenuity is inspiring interior experimentations unthinkable of before.

Together with a process that is completely automated; a Tintometric system- that governs ink, recycling of waste and consistency: Red Line technology- to measure and classify planarity defects: Computerized sorting and palatizing - to validate dimensional regularity, surface appearance and chemical characteristics ; the technology that produces a Rocell tile is internationally covet and superior.

Dry Coloring Technology

Rocell the largest ceramic tile manufacturer in Sri Lanka, has embarked on a project to modernise the pressing department at the Royal Porcelain factory in Horana, which will begin the production of large-format glazed porcelain tiles. Together with new presses, one of which is a high-tonnage model, the company has also adopted the Recolor polychromatic dry colouring system from CMF Technology. This solution is capable of ensuring efficient transformation of the current base powder into a vast array of colours that will further enhance the new product range.