Bathware FAQs

  1. What is the price of a Rocell Commode/Toilet/Water Closet?

    Rocell Water Closets range from Rs.29,700 upwards.
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  2. What is the price of a Rocell Sink/Wash Basin?

    Rocell Wash Basins range from Rs.11,400 upwards.
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  3. What is the price of a Rocell Bidet?

    Rocell Bidets range from Rs.22,400 upwards.
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  4. What is the price of a Rocell Urinal?

    Rocell Urinals range from Rs.39,900 upwards.
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  5. Where is Rocell bathware manufactured?

    Rocell Bathware is manufactured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Homagama. The facility operates in compliance with the British Standard-BS 3402:1969 and European CE certification, on par with the most sophisticated bathware factories in the world.

  6. What are Rocell Bathware products made of?

    Rocell Bathware is manufactured using the finest, globally sourced raw materials to produce Vitreous China, Fine Fire Clay bodies and the glazes that maintain the highest levels of quality.

  7. Does Rocell give a Warranty for their bathware products?

    Rocell offers a 25-year warranty against crazing and dunting on all our bathware products.

  8. How do I install a Rocell Wall Hung Water Closet?

    A step by step installation guide is available on YouTube. Please refer to the link. If additional support is needed, you may call the Rocell Contact Centre on 076 622 3344.
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  9. What are the designer collections at Rocell?

    Slide, Azza and Giuly collections are designed exclusively for Rocell by 3 world-renowned Italian designers; Dr Stefano Giovannoni, Dr Carlo Urbinati and Simone Cagnazzo.

  10. Are Wall Hung Water Closets and Wash Basins safe for use?

    Yes, Wall Hung Water Closets and Wash Basins are safe for everyday usage. Load resistance tests are carried out on randomly selected pieces of Water Closets and Washbasins from each batch of products to ensure the highest level of safety and durability, in compliance with our quality standards.

  11. How to clean the bathroom/bathware ceramic products?

    Use a mild detergent or warm soapy water and clean with a soft cloth. Wipe the product dry after each use. Soft abrasive cleaners may be used when necessary to clean Rocell Bathware products. Strong abrasive cleaners will scratch and dull the surface. Avoid using in-tank toilet cleaners, as they can damage the flush valve or other working parts in the flushing system. Wipe any splashes of cleaner solution from plastic or plated surfaces immediately. Avoid using strong cleaning solutions regularly to clean the plated surfaces like the flush buttons or the seat cover as this can damage them.

  12. How to clean the seat cover of a Toilet/Commode/Water Closet?

    Avoid using cleaning solutions intended for the toilet bowl or to clean the seat cover because this will stain and discolour the product. Avoid strong abrasive cleaners or steel wool brushes to clean the seat cover because they can scratch the surface.

  13. Can I replace my seat cover?

    Yes. Rocell offers a one year warranty for manufacturing defects in seat covers. If a replacement is required after the warranty period, it can be purchased from any Rocell Showroom islandwide.

  14. What are quick-release seat covers?

    For easier cleaning and maintenance, seat covers can be easily removed with the touch of a button at the hinges. This mechanism is called quick release.

  15. What is a soft-close mechanism?

    All Rocell seat covers are equipped with a soft-close mechanism, which prevents the seat from slamming against the bowl with no intervention by the user.

  16. What products do you have?

    Rocell has a range of products from ceramic and porcelain floor tiles and wall tiles, a range of bathware products like water closets, washbasins, urinals, and bidets and a range of bathroom accessories.

  17. How can I get a bathroom design?

    Please check our gallery and the blogs on our website to get inspiration for your bathroom. For more personalized designs, please visit the link below and submit your details and Rocell's interior designers will get in touch with you.

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  18. What are the quality certificates of Rocell?

    Our production process is endorsed under the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system and adheres to the ISO 14001: 2015 environmental standards for its continuous Green Initiatives. We also have the SLS-1181 - Product Certificate and CE Product Certificate Green Labelling Certificate. Our products are manufactured to comply with the base standards of BS 3402001969, AS 3500: 2015 and its suburbs.

  19. What is the contact number for Rocell's customer care?

    For any information or complaints please contact the Rocell Contact Centre on 0766 223344.