What makes the perfect kitchen? Kitchens are more than materials, functionality, design and layouts. A kitchen comes to life with the living it experiences, the family it hosts, and the warmth it spreads through food and cosy moments. The kitchen is an integral part of any home; the centre of the household where memories are made.

Rocell understands the value of kitchens and the importance of ensuring that you have the perfect kitchen to compliment your lifestyle. Having recently entered this sphere, the lifestyle solution provider knows that a kitchen is a lifelong investment – one that requires careful planning, meticulous design and intricate detailing.

That’s why the Rocell Concept Centre in Dehiwela provides a firsthand experience when it comes to kitchens exclusively from Rocell.

Located at 106 Galle Road, the Concept Centre offers visitors a sneak peek into the entire Rocell portfolio as soon as they enter through the doors. It sparks immense inspiration among customers by displaying bathroom concepts on the first floor, a large collection of tiles on the second floor and with the third floor wholly dedicated to kitchen designs.

Displaying the full range of kitchens – i.e. an island kitchen, L-shaped kitchen, U-shaped kitchen and straight kitchen – crafted to suit specific requirements based on space availability, functional utility and outlook, the Dehiwela Concept Centre is appropriately known as the kitchen hub of Rocell.

Customers are invited to walk through, taking in every nook and corner to gather inspiration on how they want their kitchen to be designed. The centre also has a kitchen expert who guides you to design your dream kitchen according to your requirements, home layout and preferences. The designer helps you layout your kitchen checklist whilst ensuring that the design is economical, practical and superior in functionality.

Rocell knows that there’s nothing better than familiarising oneself with the touch and feel of kitchen accessories and materials to know exactly what you want. At the concept centre, customers have the opportunity to closely check samples of materials used to make kitchens and select colours that suit their preferences before placing an order. Once the design is finalised, Rocell creates a 3D visualisation of the kitchen so that the customer knows what the installation will look like beforehand.

While the Dehiwela Concept Centre is the first of two showrooms that will have kitchens in the Rocell network, it plans to constantly upgrade its kitchen sets. Whereas customers can begin to visualise their dream kitchens with the help of the Rocell kitchens team, the centre will also be the ultimate focal point for the brand’s kitchen portfolio.

Full of inspiration and incredible ideas, the Concept Centre is a kitchen utopia that offers a reverie for homeowners who want to experience their dream kitchen before it’s set up at home.